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Judgmental Society!

A judgemental society is actually a turn off. The fear of being judged kills and destroys a lot of creative talent. The people hardly express their reality because they’re are scared of the judgemental minds in the society they’re living in.
Its is actually a big drawback of a society and it really vandalized alot creative mind, personalities, and work of talented person just because the top judgmental minds around in the society. No matter how good a person is at something people won’t appreciate it they’ll always find a negativity in it and judge it from their negative minds, it’s not necessary that a person’s good work is always good to the others, everyone keeps his mind process in a different way to build opinions and perspectives over a thing.
We’re living in a judgmental society and up to some extent we all fall in a judgemtal criteria, we only talk to selective people we like and the rest of the people we put and categorized in a judgemtal state. Judgmental mind always haunts us no matter how positively we process our minds but at a time while seeing or looking at someone, in our subconscious level we build a opinion about that thing or a person according to our own expectations and demand, that perspective is totally depends on us it actually might not have any connection to the person or the thing we are judging but it’s just us who keep on building our thoughts on that specific person or a thing. It’s totally wrong to judge someone either by their appearance work, personality, or anything else they’re doing. Your perspective remains always yours but it effects the people around you who you’re judging according to your mind and expectations. People judge and sometimes get on the extent to throw some derogatory and belittling comments to the others which really effects the mental health and grooming of a person.
Why we judge people?
Judging is natural and instinctive. Having a judgemtal mind is not a bad thing judgment is actually a opinion we form about someone or something.
Sometimes we judge a person even having a little or no knowledge about that person. You judge someone most of the time while sitting or gossiping and you process comparison and judgment about that person that talking or sitting with that person is worthy enough as you expect or not then you start comparing the personality that how much it fits with yours. So finding the discrepancies between you and the person you’re judging and finally it drags you on an opinion about that person that could might be wrong.
We all judge almost every person in our lives either its our siblings, friends, or teachers we have in our college and universties, we always keep a perspective & image about them.
Overall a judgmental society is dangerously affecting the people who are feard to be judged and you’re also included in that like how many times you’re scared of being judged while going out In an un ironed shirt, how many times you’re scared of being judged while wearing a stopped wristwatch??
How many times have you been scared of being judged while walking in a crowded public place while holding someone’s hand?? No matter you keep an explanation of what you’re doing and wearing but people don’t need that they will always build an opinion about you and will be judgmental towards you by your appearance or the things you wear or what you do.
What is it that makes you think that we have right to judge someone? We have a right to categorize someone as lazy & weak? Beautiful & ugly? good or bad? Without letting the person know and hearing him/her out.
So the verdict of all the blog to write it down and enlighten the judgmental society facts is that a judgmental society is not productive at all, it supresses a lot good things by leaving a negative impact on them. The people who are close to you even they will hesitate to share things and they’ll be reluctant to open up just because the fear of your judgmental mind.
We should try to be less judgmental and we should see the things from the others’ perspective as well before putting them into judgmental criteria. Try to accept people they might be doing best in their own way.
This will help you to build a peaceful environment around you and strong relationship with the people you want to be surrounded with. Seek the charm of a judgement free gathering.
”Quote ”
‌ “ Judgement comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgments”;
(Simon Bolivar).


6 Replies to “Judgmental Society!”

  1. It seems uh indite a hot favorite topic of the present era quite presciently. The audacity to tittle tattle & flaunting on others literally raze their peace. Succinctly speaking, there is a dire need to deplore these judgments.
    Keep addressing such emerging issues!!

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